Pictures of Glastonbury: Sunset On the Frozen Connecticut River

Glastonbury Patch's Photo of the Week for Jan. 25, 2012.


This week marks the first entry in a new weekly series of photographs of beauty, activity, interest or humor from in and around Glastonbury taken by Local Editor Robert Muirhead.  If you have any suggestions or photos of your own, feel free to e-mail him at robert.muirhead@patch.com:

Glastonbury is a beautiful, vibrant town.  Heck, even in the dead of winter there's beauty and wonder to be found, though admittedly as a lifelong New Englander it's sometimes tough to remember that when the temperatures drop into the single digits and all you want to do is curl up with a blanket.

Today's Picture of Glastonbury suggestion comes from Jamie Bell on the Glastonbury Patch Facebook page, and is of sunset at a lone picnic table by the frozen banks of the Connecticut River at Riverfront Park, 300 Welles St.

The temperature at the time of the photograph was 16 degrees, with a wind chill of about 2 degrees; the frigid air numbed my fingers and bit against my face.  A flock of (what must have been nigh-frozen) Canadian Geese flew overhead honking loudly; otherwise there was little noise hidden back amongst the trees.

Though slightly out of the way in the winter, come this spring Glastonbury will be expanding Riverfront Park, with easy access and overlooks of the Connecticut River.  The town is hoping to go to bid on the project this March. 

If you have any suggestions for future Pictures of Glastonbury, leave them in the comments.  And if you have your own photos, feel free to click Upload Photos and Videos and share them with your community.

RobertM January 26, 2013 at 01:28 AM
Beautiful picture. No wonder photographers call dusk the "Magic Hour".


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