Pictures of Glastonbury: Winter Snow on the Riverfront Soccer Fields

Glastonbury Patch's Photo of the Week for Feb. 15, 2012.


Wow.  What a week for weather.  What else could this week's Picture of Glastonbury be than of the historic snow that dumped between two and three feet of snow on the town?

We've had a lot of great photographs that Glastonbury residents uploaded to the site from the historic storm in the Show Us article and Glastonbury's Pics and Clips.  If you have any photos of your own from the storm, feel free to upload them and share them with your neighbors.

This photo is taken in the parking lot of Riverfront Park, 300 Welles St., where mounds of snow eight feet high from the town's plows are blocking access to soccer nets going unused.

If you have any suggestions for future Pictures of Glastonbury, leave them in the comments.  And if you have your own photos, feel free to click Upload Photos and Videos and share them with your community.


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