Glastonbury Police: Clear the Snow Off Your Sidewalk

The Glastonbury Police Department has said the grace period for snow removal after last weekend’s blizzard is now over.


Now that milder temperatures are beginning to melt some of the town’s snow burden, the Glastonbury Police Department has said they will begin cracking down on residents who have yet to shovel their sidewalks.

The department said Wednesday that they have been receiving complaints of snow-packed sidewalks throughout town.

Residents are required to remove snow, sleet or ice from the full width of the sidewalk 24 hours after a storm has passed, according to town ordinance. However, with roughly 30” of snow falling in town the ordinance hasn’t been enforced.

Until now.

The department has said they will begin enforcing the ordinance, giving property owners who have not complained warning of their responsibility. They will then check the property 24 hours later, or enforcement action may be taken.

Have you shoveled yet?


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