Connecticut Senate Race Was 4th Most Expensive in Country

The failed campaign of Republican Linda McMahon made the race one of the costliest in the U.S. this past November.


The U.S. Senate race between Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Chris Murphy ended up being one of the most expensive in the country this past November.

The combined $67,065,029 spent by the two candidates, the vast majority of it by McMahon, made the race the fourth costliest in the country, according to figures compiled by Roll Call.com.

Of that money, the two candidates raised $58,320,208 jointly and garnered another $8,744,821 from outside sources, the website says.  McMahon, the multi-millionaire former head of the WWE who lives in Greenwich, used $49 million of her own money on her failed effort to capture the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Democrat Joseph Lieberman.

This was McMahon's second run for the Senate.  She ran against Democrat Richard Blumenthal in 2010 and also lost that race.  She has spent nearly $100 million on both campaigns combined.

The money she and Murphy spent this year on the Connecticut Senate race still pales compared to several others' in the country, Roll Call reports. The most expensive race was in neighboring Massachusetts, where Democrat Elizabeth Warren wrested the Senate seat away from incumbent Republican Scott Brown. The combined spending for that seat was $85,429,334, Roll Call states.


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