[UPDATE] Election 2012: Glastonbury Results

Results were still incoming as of 1 a.m. Wednesday due to a technical error with the ballot counting machine in the town's first voting district.


Updated 1:58 p.m., Wednesday Nov. 7

Glastonbury voters swayed heavily towards incumbent candidates during the 2012 elections, with votes across the town's districts swaying towards those candidates running for re-election, according to the official results from the town's Registrar of Voters.

The results were initially not available due to a last minute problem with ballot counting machines at Smith Middle School in the town's first voting district. Smith moderators reported that the lights had been shut off on them, and that police responded to the polls to check on their welfare.

The District 1 results were delivered to Town Hall at approximately 1:40 a.m.

"It was a long night," Registrar Zelda Lessne said.

Across the board, Glastonbury voters chose to re-elect incumbent candidates, most of whom were Democrats.

Only in the race for the 13th Assembly District seat, where there was no incumbent candidate, was a new face elected to a position. Voters chose Democrat Joe Diminico over Republican challenger Mark Tweedie.  Though the votes were close in Glastonbury--Diminico: 2,573 to Tweedie: 2,260--Diminico was also favored in his hometown of Manchester.

The only Republican win for the night was in the 31st Assembly District, where incumbent Rep. Prasad Srinivasan defeated Democratic challenger Chip Flanagan by a wide margin of 8,126 to 5,387. The 31st Assembly District covers the vast majority of Glastonbury.

Town voters also heavily favored two referendum issues on the 2012 ballot.

Original Story

While a problem with voting machines at Smith Middle School in District 1 left Glastonbury without a final vote tally by 1 a.m. Wednesday, most races were decided by unofficial tallies from other districts.

Votes were also delayed by problems with a voting machine at Nayaug Elementary School in District 5.  Both machine problems happened at approximately 7:30 p.m., and several thousand ballots had to be re-fed to the machine one at a time by hand, voting officials said.

Incumbent Steve Cassano defeated Cheri Ann Pelletier in the for the 4th District Senate seat that saw an influx of outside political action committee spending in the final weeks. The senatorial district includes Glastonbury, Manchester, Bolton and Marlborough.

In the 31st Assembly District, incumbent candidate Prasad Srinivasan, R, appeared to defeat challenger Chip Flanagan, D. Srinivasan led Flanagan in each of the town's districts whose results were published as of 1 a.m. The 31st Assembly District covers the vast majority of Glastonbury.

The 13th Assembly District between Mark Tweedie, R, and Joe Diminico, D, remained too close to tell as of 1 a.m. Wednesday. Numbers were close in Manchester, and results of the race were contingent on the final vote tally from Glastonbury.  The 13th Assembly District includes portions of Glastonbury and Manchester.

Voters in town also approved both referendum issues, approving $12 million for Phase II of the Riverfront Park Expansion Project and $2 million for the land acquisition fund.


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