What Sold in Glastonbury: Clark Hill Road Property Sells for $574,000

Land, home, office and condo sales from Dec. 28 - Jan. 4.


Dec. 28

  • Karen L. Pearson to Tristram and Grace Gaillard, 180 Shoddy Mill Road, $273,000.
  • Concept Builders of Glastonbury, Inc., to Richard McAllister and Kristen Fleming, 242 Country Lane, $255,000.
  • James and Diane Schneeloch to Gregory and Kerry Holmes, lot 6 Forest Lane, $570,000.

Jan. 2

  • KEM Oak Street, LLC, and Kristin E. Muschett to 172 OS Acquisition, LLC, 172 Oak St., $2,560,000.
  • Marion T. Marinelli to Rebecca A. Hartley, 88 Echo Lane, $235,000.

Jan. 3

  • Loreen M. Davis to Carole Elizabeth Pigaty, 248 Meadow Hill Condominium C-5, $197,500.
  • Perras & Sons, Inc., to Draghi & Caron Construction, LLC, 74 Chamberlain Lane, $195,000.

Jan. 4

  • Christopher and Holly Hageman to Elwira J. Stefens, 86 Clark Hill Road, $574,000.
  • Cynthia and Christopher Johnson to Jeffrey P. Leon and Christine R. Hwang, 108 UConn Ave., $499,000.


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