What Sold in Glastonbury: Main St. Home Sells for $585,000

Land, home, office and condo sales from Dec. 17 - Dec. 21.


Dec. 17

  • Thomas and Shelly Marchozzi to Mario and Jennifer Enxuto, 26 Bittersweet Lane, $572,000.
  • Leon and Leslie Lanata to Lee and Elizabeth Dowden, 1340 Manchester Road, $295,000.
  • Patrick and Jaime Sullivan to Alison Friedman Bliss, 34 Hubbard Run Drive, $185,000.
  • Thomas and Holly Fitzgerald to Thomas and Leigh Bolich, 1179 Main St., $515,000.
  • Michael and Noel Obourn to Andrew E. Vanostrand, 1278 Main St., $585,000.
  • Paul V. Certo, Jr., to Ko Properties LLC, 129 Brook St., $152,000.
  • Robert and Bettey Kelley to Matthew and Trace Maulucci, 223 Buttonball Lane, $157,000.

Dec. 18

  • Karen D. Katz to Guoping Xia and Xiaomel Wang, 288 Grandview Drive, $495,000.
  • George and Mary Francis to Jaimin and Bharat Chokshi, 2 Horizon Lane, $481,750.
  • John R. Harvey to John Robert Harvey, 146 Conestoga Way, $196,000.
  • Gloria Y. Godoy to Kathryn A. Schultz, 69 Curtis Road, $235,000.

Dec. 19

  • Jennie Vincenzo to the Town of Glastonbury, 2.25 Acres on the Northwest Side of Clark Hill Road, $0.00.
  • Tristram C. Gaillard to Steven and Kadji Anderson, 693 Main St., $430,000.
  • Peter and Linda Dyer to Joshua and Jennifer Muller, 60 Zenith Lane, $482,00.

Dec. 21

  • Myrna G. Streicher Trust to Heahter Protz and Roy Riedl, 95 Shipman Drive, $220,000.


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